About Google Pixel Repairs

"We make googles pixel repairs easy. We have over 5 years of experience servicing high-end consumer devices like iPhone, Samsung and Sony products. There are 3 things we promise with every Repair. We love technology and we love it more to solve your damaged hardware problems."

Original Google Parts

We care about quality, we understand that to have the best post repair experience you we need to be using Original parts, not cheap after market) Our pledge to you, the customer is your Google Pixel will be repaired only using Premium original google parts which are manufactured by HTC for Google.

5 Year Warranty

We believe that the customer need’s peace of mind when outsourcing there repairs to a third part repair shop. Because we use Original parts we know that they last a lifetime (In most cases). If they don’t, we want our customers to know that we’re only a repair-away! If in the next 5 Years that your part repaired faults, we’ll replace it free of charge excluding physical damage or course.

Express Service

The day your Google Pixel arrives at our Repair Centre, we’ll repair and have it back on-board an express courier service that same day. This way you get you device will be back in the your hand the next day at the earliest.