Same Day Google Pixel 2 XL Screen Repairs in Melbourne

Broken Google Pixel 2 or 2 XL Screen and need it repaired?

It happens to the best of us – you’re on your way to work, you grab your keys, bag and slide your Google Pixel in your jean pocket. You make a dash to get the bus only little do you know your smartphone is not all the way in your pocket. Crash, bang crack! Pixel 2 XL is flat on the pavement with a cracked screen. You can barley use the device so you call Google Pixel Repairs Melbourne and they book you in for a 45 minutes Screen Replacement at Collins Street, Melbourne CBD.

repairs for google pixel screen in Melbourne

Google Pixel Screen Repair Melbourne CBD

Melbourne is the tech hub of Australia with many leading tech firms having their head office located in Melbourne. At Pixel Repairs we’re proud to offer a same day repair service for your google pixel, most common repairs are completed within 30 minutes. When replacing the screen on Google Pixel we choose to replace the whole display module – OLED + Glass display. The means you’ll get a quality screen that will last the test of time. Many Melbourne repair shops offer glass only screen repairs which we believe jeopardise the device’s use quality and will not last more that 3 months. Repair your Google Pixel 2 or 2 XL Screen in Melbourne with Pixel Repairs.

Premium Google Pixel 2 Battery Replacement Melbourne CBD

Among other smartphone devices like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel Batteries tend to stand the test of time. Is your Google Pixel Battery draining fast? If so, you will need a battery replacement. If this is within your 12 month warranty period then the manufacture will underwrite this repair for you as part of your warranty.If you Google Pixel is older than 12 months then you will need to have to pay for the battery replacement service. At Pixel repairs we offer a premium quality Google Pixel battery repair service for as little as $149 in Melbourne CBD.

To replace the battery on your google pixel it will mean that we need to open the device up, remove the display and the old battery, The process for this repair normally is completed 40minutes. Because the display is set in with a water-resistant seal we like to let the device set it clamps for an additional 30 minutes. So, on a good day when we can have your Google Pixel 2 back to you with a new battery in a little over 1 hour. This service is available at a walk-in repair centre near you in Melbourne CBD, Sydney CBD and Brisbane CBD.

Google Pixel 2 XL Charge Port Repair and Replacement in Melbourne

Google Pixel not charging? This could be many things from software / caches needing dumped, the charge port needing replaced or something as simple as the Type-C cable damaged. If its the charger port or daughter board that is broken then we can help. Its a repair that requires a great deal of skill to get things aligned correctly. Charge port repairs for the google pixel are completed within 2 hours of the customer getting to our Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane repair centre.

Contact Google Pixel Repairs Melbourne today:

Google Pixel With No Audio – Sound or Microphone Not Working

Pixel Audio Not Working After Drop? Here’s your options for repair.

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are fantastic phones for a company’s first models. Google really crushed it out of the park with their design and aesthetic. The Android OS is also developed under the Google umbrella, so they have have first say in how and when their operating system changes. However, that is not to say that there are no issues with the phones’ design. Most iterations of smartphones, especially the first model after a redesign, tend to have one big fault that somehow got past QA. With the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the biggest issue that has come to surface is the design of their Audio integrated chip.

Logicboard repairs for your google
Having Google Pixel Audio Problems?

Allow me to tell you a story. Andrea was on her way to work in Brisbane. She had a busy day ahead of her. 2 meetings and a phone interview at 10 am. She gets to work at 9:45, settles into her opening routine, takes a sip of coffee and picks up her phone to make the call for the interview. She dials the number then hits talk and puts her Google Pixel to her ear. She doesn’t hear anything at all. “That’s odd” she thinks. She tries calling again but nothing. The interviewee sends her a text telling her that he couldn’t hear anything she was saying. She decides it’s just a fluke and conducts the interview on her land-line. On the way home she remembers her partner was going to pick up dinner and gets out her phone to call them. Once again, she can’t hear anything and her partner can’t hear her either. Once she gets home and nibbles around a small plate of chicken parmesan (she HATES chicken parm) she gets on her laptop and searches for “Google Pixel microphone problem”. Apparently she’s not the first person to encounter this issue.

Fast Goole Pixel Logic Board Repairs Available in Australia

The tell-tale signs of a bad Audio IC, also nicknamed “the microphone problem”, can be decently varied. Usually it tends to involve either not being able to hear someone that has called you. This can happen whether on speaker phone or a regular call. It can also involve them not being able to hear you either. This can happen after the phone incurs a single drop, or even without being dropped at all. Google has even come out and acknowledged that there is a design issue with the Pixels. This problem is rare, but it is widespread enough to warrant investigation and develop a good repair procedure.

Google Pixel Audio Repairs

The audio IC, outlined in light blue, as illustrated by’s teardown guide

Fix your Google Pixel Phone Speaker Problems 

Fixing this issue is not as simple as just swapping out a screen or battery. However, it is definitely repairable if you take it to a shop or company that knows what they’re doing. The only way to get inside of a Pixel is to first remove the screen very carefully. It is held in place with strong adhesive. This makes it easy to damage during removal if you’re not patient or don’t know what you’re doing. Next is removing the mid-frame held in place by a few torx screws. Once the main logic board is revealed, take out a couple more screws holding it place. Unplug the battery, followed by the other components attached to it and set them aside. Our battle is with this logic board. Once the audio IC has been isolated on the board, it is removed very carefully and replaced with a working one. This process of replacing the chip requires a delicate hand and a familiarity with micro-soldering. This will take much longer labor-wise than most other simple repairs. Once that is complete, you basically reassemble everything and presto! You have a working phone.

Need your Pixel Repaired today? Bring it in to our Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne Repair Centres

Here at Pixel Repairs will do everything you need to get your broken Google Pixel back into working condition, from a broken screen to a bad audio IC. We have three locations, One in Sydney CBD, another in Brisbane CBD, and the last in Melbourne CBD. Don’t hesitate to come see us if you want to eliminate this or any other annoying issue! Just give us a call, chat with us on our website at GPR, or even just stop on by! We’d be happy to help you out. Repair time on this issue usually takes 2-3 days. Once you pick up your device you’ll leave happy, knowing that your Google Pixel is working fine!

Where to buy Google Pixel Replacement Parts in Australia

The word is out we’re doing the un-thinkable. In this post we’ll show you exactly where you can find replacement Google Pixel Charger Ports, Replacement Pixel Touch Screen Displays, Google Pixel replacement batteries and also earpiece and ear-speaker replacement parts for your Google device in Australia. The team from Pixel repairs is finally giving away the secret parts source for our premium parts we use in our day-day Google Pixel Repairs.

Google Pixel Screen Replacement Kit

Google Pixel 2 XL Display Australiarepair tools for google pixel

Google Pixel 2 XL is one of the latest additions to the growing collection of premium smartphones. The first Google Pixel was introduced in 2013 and after the initial success, the tech giant has introduced few more models. Today, Google Pixel 2 XL Replacement OLED Screen is one of the most sought-after displays in the world. Although this phone is known for its incredible quality, this doesn’t mean that it’s safe from damages and errors. But, the good news is that whenever you damage your phone or break some parts of it, you can use replacement parts for Google Pixel. These parts are available online and you can easily purchase any part you want. Some of the buyers that use the Internet to buy replacement parts for Google Pixel are enthusiasts who want to take care of their damaged phones on their one, while others are repair service providers.

Need a replacement charger port part for Pixel 2 XL ?
Google Pixel 2 XL Charger Port

If you want to make sure that the replacement parts for Google Pixel that you are about to buy will help you, then you should stick to well-established sellers. Obviously, My Phone Parts is one of them. Our parts are available online to all residents of Australia. We will deliver any part you want and in almost any quantity in a short period of time. All the Google Pixel replacement parts you can find on our website are of high quality. We are talking about authentic parts that looks exactly the same as the original parts and has the same properties too. In other words, you can expect to use them without any problems for a long time. After all, that’s why we are providing warranties for these products.

Replacement Battery for all Google Pixel models

Google Pixel 2 XL

Another thing that makes My Phone Parts one of the best places for buying replacement parts over the Internet is the fact that we have replacement parts for all Google Pixel models. At this moment, there are four different Google Pixel models – Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. No matter whether you need Google Pixel 2 replacement parts or Google Pixel XL replacement parts you can always count on My Phone Parts. When selecting items like this, make sure that you know what kind of smartphone you are using. It’s true that some of these parts are suitable for all models, but some of them are specially designed for the different models. Regardless of the category of buyers where you belong, you should know that My Phone Parts has you covered.

Types of replacements parts for Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel 2 XL Rear Case

There is a wide range of replacements parts for Google Pixel available on the market. For instance, there are Google Pixel screen options that most users will find useful. It’s not very difficult to break a screen because this is the most sensitive part of the phone. Even though phones have protected screen now, on impact, this screen can be shattered or cracked. With a screen replacement part, this issue will be resolved. Next, there are Google Pixel battery options. Generally speaking, the battery on your Google Pixel lasts for a very long period of time. However, after continuous use and some other factors, the battery may start losing its capacity. In other words, it will be drained after a short period of time and you have it to charge it all the time. This is where My Phone Parts Google Pixel batteries come into the picture. We are talking about original batteries that can help you use your Google Pixel for days.

Replacement Google Pixel Earpiece speaker Australia

Google Pixel Earpiece Part Sydney

There are also Google Pixel earpiece parts that many users will find useful. They help users listen to the person on the other side of their smartphone. Cameras, housing, buttons – these are some other examples of types of Google Pixel replacements parts. Whenever you need replacement parts for Google Pixel, you can contact My Phone Parts. We have a wide array of replacement parts in our offer. They are premium parts that we are offering at a more than reasonable price. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time and we will do our best to deliver these parts in the shortest period of time possible. My Phone Parts is here to help Google Pixel users!

How to Fix and Repair Your Google Pixel Touch Screen

Fix & Repair Your Google Pixel Touch Screen Problems

Google has created a device with a truly stunning touch screen, a curved display that is best in class. With any ground breaking new design there will be teething problems. In forums we found some people have complained about issues related to the Google Pixel 2 touch screen. There are reports of intermittent touch functionality in the lower part of the screen. I this happens to your Google Pixel in Australia – please don’t panic. We’ve put togethor some tips you can try from the comfort of your home.

There a few reasons why your Google Pixel Touch screen could be playing up. The most common cause of intermittently unresponsive touch screens is software. Google will release patches if they detect an issue with a particular software release / module. If you’re having touch screen problems with your Google Pixel 2 now and don’t want to wait then follow the bellow steps down download the latest software patch now.

Power Your Google Pixel Off 

This will be the easiest way to fix your unresponsive Google Pixel touch screen. Power down your google pixel buy holding the power button. If you can’t swipe to power off then you will need to hold the power button for 20 seconds well the device powers down. Then restart your device as you normally would. If the issue persists try the bellow.

Remove Your Google Pixel Sim Card and Check it’s installed Correctly 

It’s not something you would normally consider when trying to fix a touch screen but trust us we’ve heard of many instances of when removing the sim card on the Google Pixel works. Power your device down, Find a sim card removal tool and insert it into the sim-card tray hole, slide the card out and in. Cross your fingers and power your Google Pixel back 0n.

Open and Clear Cache on your Google Pixel

Clearing your Google Pixel Cache is one of the useful tips in order to optimize your phones full functionality back. Not only can this fix your Google Pixel touch screen issue, it can also fix bugs related to camera, phone and connectivity issues that you might be intermittently facing. Google Support writes extensively about this.

Power your device down -> Push and Hold Volume Up, Home and Power Button simultaneously. Once completing the you should see the famous Android logo followed by a vibration your Pixel. Continue to hold the volume up button home button, then push the volume down button and choose “Wipe Cache Partition”. Push the power button and select “Yes”. Push power agin and select to reboot the system. The device will then power back on. You can go ahead and test the phone to see if there have been any improvements to the operating functionality.

Last But Not Least – Hard Reset your Google Pixel 

All and any software related problems on the google Pixel can be fixed and repaired with the help of a hard reset. If you go ahead with a Google Pixel software reset you will in essence wipe you entire phone to factory settings. This means you’ll get a clean operating system or “OS” as repair geeks like to call it.
In doing this you will also loose all of your data so make sure you either back your Pixel up to Google Drive or your computer.

To do this start by turning your device off, push and hold the power, volume up buttons. The android logo will pop up on-screen. Go to “Recovery Mode” and select your cursor on “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” then actuate it with the volume button. Google will give you a second chance here asking “Yes” to wipe all data. Upon choosing “Yes” all of your data will be deleted and your system will download and install a new operating system. You’ll want to allow 30 minute to 1 hour for this process to complete.
If this last resort’ dosn’t fix your Google Pixel Touch screen, get in touch with the team at Pixel Repairs today. We’re friendly and passionate about repairing all things Pixel.

Other Fix Solutions to Repair your Google Pixel Touch Screen

The fixes we’ve highlighted in this article are mostly focused on software problems that lead to touch screen unresponsiveness in Google Pixel. However, there are some firmware or hardware problems too that can generate such issues. By leaving your Google Pixel to a professional service provider like Google Pixel Repairs you should be able to determine the cause of the problem and fix your phone.

How to Fix Google Pixel Bluetooth Issues

What to do when your Google Pixel’s Bluetooth is not working?

Google Pixel is one of the best selling devices created by Google. The wide array of features, the beautiful design, and few other things have definitely grabbed the attention of the modern tech fans. Yet, this doesn’t mean that Google Pixel is flawless and every now and then we can read about problems experienced by Google Pixel users.

One of these problems is related to Bluetooth. Namely, some users say that their Bluetooth Connectivity is messed up. Some users claim that their Bluetooth connection is going down when they are getting calls, while others say that these problems happen at random. In addition, there are users who say that they can’t connect Google Pixel to other devices that support Bluetooth connections.

There are some people who believe that Bluetooth connectivity is not very important, but the fact is that you can use Bluetooth in many different situations. In order to fix this issue, we will provide a few suggestions.

Google Pixel Repairs

You should start with the obvious. We can all agree that in many cases, the most obvious solution is the most efficient one too. So, restart your Google Pixel right away. In order to do this, you should push and hold the Power button for about ten seconds. When you notice the vibration, this means that your phone is turned off. You will notice the same vibration when you turn it on. Wait until the software is up and check whether the problem is still present or not. As we said before, most people find this solution useful.

Clear Google Pixel’s cache

In case the previous solution doesn’t work, you should continue with this suggestion. Go to the Bluetooth application’s cache and clear it. For those who didn’t know, the cache keeps temporary data in order to support the device’s operation. This is very useful, but when Google Pixel (just like other similar devices) is holding a large amount of data, this can lead to different issues. Even Google has confirmed that clearing the cache from time to time is good for the overall performance of their device. We will now show you how to clear the cache easily.

Start by visiting the home screen and launching the app icon. Go straight to Settings. Open the App manager and swipe to locate the All option. Once you notice the Bluetooth app, click the clear cache option and clear Bluetooth option. Remember to press OK to proceed. The final step is to restart Google Pixel and check whether this solution works.

Check the Google Pixel manual

There is always a possibility that you are not doing things like you are supposed to. We are not talking only about Google Pixel, but also about the device that you are trying to connect to via Bluetooth. So, take some time and read the guidelines and the manual. Maybe you are doing something wrong. Simply visit Setting and Bluetooth and analyze the options. Make sure that everything is set according to the manual. You can also clear and delete the pairings made before and start over again.

Factory reset your Google Pixel 

Of course, the last option that you can use is to perform a Factory reset. This fix will delete all the stored information and data on your Google Pixel. This means that it might be a good idea to back up your data.

What if all these options are not working?

Don’t panic. There is a solution for a situation like this too. You can always use a professional service provider like Google Pixel Repairs and eliminate your Google Pixel Bluetooth problem. We offer Australians a nation-wide Mail-in Repair service. Pixel Repairs take 3-4 day from door to repair shop and back. Google Pixel Repairs also has drop-in centres in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.



google pixel repairs

Google Pixel Keeps Rebooting it self?

What to do when Google Pixel reboots itself over and over again?

Google Pixel is a premium smartphone designed and made by Google. As a premium smartphone, it is made from high-quality materials, it has excellent software and many useful features. But, all these things don’t mean that this device is free of problems.

Even though it doesn’t happen quite often, there are reports of Google Pixel rebooting itself over and over again. It looks like there are a few different reasons why people are witnessing problems like this with their Google Pixel devices. This is the reason why there is more than one solution. In this article, we will present a few solutions that should work.

Charge the Google Pixel 

First and foremost, you can witness continuing spontaneous reboots due to a failing battery. Even if you keep your phone in the best shape, the battery will start deteriorating after a while. A mechanical damage can make it work improperly even just a few days after you’ve bought the device. In cases like this, Google Pixel will probably power up, but it will start rebooting very often.

The suggestion we have will not solve the problem, but it will help you determine the cause. So, when you plug the device, you will make sure that it has a stable source of power. If everything is fine and Google Pixel is not rebooting while it’s charged, then it is very likely that you should replace the battery.

Reboot Google Pixel in Safe mode

In case the previous method doesn’t work, the next thing that you should do is to boot it in a Safe mode. When the Safe mode is on, all the 3rd party applications are not available. This means that if some of these apps are leading to this problem, you will find out quickly. Push and hold the Power button and wait for the Google logo on the screen. When you finally notice it, you should release the Power button and push and hold the Volume button down. Finally, keep holding the button until you see the Safe mode tab on the screen. It usually takes about half a minute to complete this action.

In case your Google Pixel is running fine, then you should uninstall the apps that are making trouble. Start by deleting them one by one. If you want to speed up the process, you can use factory reset.

Opt for master reset

In case all the 3rd party apps are deleted, but your Google Pixel is still rebooting at random, then you should choose Master Reset. With the help of this feature, you will delete all the apps, files, photos, videos, data and other content. In other words, you will get a brand new Google Pixel in the end, just like when you got it from the store for the first time.

If you want to use master reset, you should turn off the device first. After that, you should push and hold the Volume button down and push the Power button at the same time. The phone will turn on and you will notice the word Start. Next, push the Volume button down and you will see the Recovery mode tab. With the help of the Power button, activate the recovery mode. You should be able to see the Android logo. Push and hold the Power button again and push the Volume button up once. After that, release the Power button. You should be able to see Wipe data/factory reset tab. Use the Volume button down to highlight Yes and press the Power button.

In case the problem is still present, contact Google Pixel Repairs because we are sure that we can help you.



So You Need a Google Pixel Microphone Repair ?

Google Pixel Microphone Problem? Heres some tips on how to fix and replace your Google Pixel Microphone

Google Pixel is the most popular mobile device created by Google. Those who have used it know why – this smartphone is powerful, fast, has a good camera and tons of interesting features. However, this is still just an electronic device which means that it is not perfect. Every now and then, users can experience different problems. For instance, many of them have faced problems with their microphone.

In most cases, they say that the mic has stopped working all of a sudden without any warning signs. There are cases when the microphone stops working just a few days after they bought the phone, while in others the microphone was working fine for months. There are many reasons why the microphone can become problematic, but one thing is for sure – your Google Pixel is useless when the mic is not working properly. If you have a mic problem on Google Pixel keep reading this article because we will suggest a few solutions.

Check your Google Pixel speakerphone settings

There is one extremely simple solution for this issue. Namely, you can call your voicemail and during this call, you should turn the speakerphone on and off and then on again. In many cases, the microphone will start working again after this simple procedure.

While we are talking about speakerphone settings, we will suggest another solution. You can turn any application that includes the use of the mic (like some popular chat/messenger app), get back to your home screen and return to the app again. In case these suggestions don’t provide any results, you should not worry because we have a few other options for you.

Google Pixel factory reset

This is another option that users can try for a wide range of Google Pixel problems. Using the factory reset option is easy and smooth and it will take just a few minutes to check whether it works or not. With the help of factory reset, you will transform your Google Pixel into a brand new phone because every info or data created by you on the phone will be deleted. If you have some important information on your phone, you can always conduct back up. Now let’s see how the factory reset process works.

First of all, go to Settings and find the Personal tab. Tap the backup & Reset field and click Factory Data Reset. After that, tap Reset phone. You will have to enter a password, PIN or pattern to activate this option. Next, choose Erase Everything. When the process is finished, simply click the Reboot option. If you have stored some of the data, you can restore it. Our advice is to get rid of the data or transfer it to another device.

Google Pixel Microphone Repair – Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane 

Google has confirmed that users that have problems with their Google Pixel mics, can ask for a replacement. But, this offer is valid only for users that have used Pixel for just a few days before this problem happened. You can always contact Google Support and see whether you can get a replacement phone.

Other Google Pixel Microphone Repair  solutions

As we already said, Google Pixel microphone problems can happen for many different reasons. Sometimes, it is difficult for an average user to determine the cause of the problem. This is where professional Google Pixel repair services come into the picture.

Goole Pixel Repairs is a good example of a service provider like this, We operate in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne and we have already helped many users solve this common issue. In addition, we provide repairs for many other problems related to any Google Pixel model


Google Pixel Wifi repairs

How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Wifi Not Connecting

How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Wi-Fi Problems?

There are two basic ways to connect to the Internet with the help of your Google Pixel – mobile data and Wi-Fi (wireless). Most people use their wireless connection. This is quite natural because they usually have access to better Internet packages compared to their mobile Internet plans.

But, there are situations when Google Pixel users experience Wi-Fi problems. By Wi-Fi problems, we mean poor connection or no connection at all. Even though Google Pixel has some great innovative features, most of them are useless without a proper Internet connection.

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing Wi-Fi issues on your Google Pixel. That’s why we will present a few solutions.

Restart your Google Pixel

This is a general advice that can work not only with Wi-Fi issues but with many other issues associated with this smartphone and other similar devices too. Just press and hold the Power button. After that, select the Power off the tab. When the device is off, wait for a few seconds and press both the Volume Down and Power button at the same time. You should notice the Android logo. Check whether this activity has solved your problem.

Check the obvious

Sometimes there are some obvious things that we forget about. So, go to Setting and choose Wi-Fi. Check whether the Wi-Fi is turned on. In addition, you should also check whether the Airplane mode is on and off. Obviously, it should be off. In case it’s off, it might be a good idea to turn it on and off after that.

Refresh the network

In some situations, there are software problems caused by the memorized Wi-Fi network. Just to be sure that this is not the issue here, you should remove the network you are using. Go to Settings and choose Wi-Fi. After that, choose the network, click Forget and the network will be removed. Next, add the same network, type the password and see whether this will help or not.

Resetting and restarting Google Pixel 2 

First of all, you should check the network settings. Go to Settings, select More (Under Wireless and Networks), choose Network settings to reset and reset settings. If this doesn’t work, the problem may be related to your modem or router. Restart them and check the results.

Stop your Google Pixel Application 

There is a chance that some of the apps you’ve installed on your Google Pixel is causing this Wi-Fi issue. If you want to determine whether some of the apps are responsible for the Wi-Fi problems, you should switch to Safe mode. You can activate the Safe mode by pushing and holding the Power button. After a couple of seconds, you will notice a box, press Power off and hold it. Reboot to safe mode notification will appear on the screen. Select OK and you will restart the device in safe mode. Now try to connect to the wireless network. In case you can connect and the signal is good, restart the phone to enter the normal mode. Next, remove the apps you’ve installed in the recent period. Check whether the Wi-Fi is working after every removal. Remember the apps you’ve removed and re-install them later.

Google Pixel Wifi Problems Australia

As you can see the list of problems with Google Pixel Wi-Fi is long, but luckily they are not happening very frequently. If the solutions we’ve provided in this article are not working, maybe there is something wrong with the hardware. In case you want to remove a hardware problem or a software problem that we have not listed, you should contact a professional Google Pixel repair service provider like Google Pixel Repairs.


Google Pixel 2 – All you need to know!

Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel created quite a fuss when it was created and released in the year 2016. The phone was highly recommended and highly promoted and laid with the claim of possessing an advanced camera. Google pixel 2 has been launched and though it is out of stock for two-three weeks in the UK and US. The Google Pixel 2 is here to prove that having two cameras are not all the times better than one in a phone, especially if you like photo quality over current the current all screen design. It is Google’s superior software which pushes this Android phone to take the best looking pictures we have seen, topping the camera on last year’s awesome Pixel and Pixel XL debut.

Google Pixel 2 Screen Repairs – Melbourne | Brisbane | Sydney and Perth

The Google Pixel 2 has a 5 inch screen and this does not represent the eventual fate of smartphones with the exception of its 3.5mm earphone jack. It is not at all like the Pixel 2 XL, which has an edge-to-edge 6-inch display and tall 18:9 ratio, this one is more heavier than Pixel 2. Obviously, we now know it has more lively colors and no major signs of screen burn in issues like its bigger partner. The bezels truly shouldn’t trouble you if you need a smartphone that is a great size, runs smart programming and has a fabulous camera that will make your companions – even your Samsung-owning companions – envious. This is one for individuals who support functionality over fashion.

Free Google Home Mini with any eligible Google Pixel Purchase- Say What?!

The Google Pixel 2 price is staying aware of its opposition, regardless of the possibility that its design doesn’t appear modern if we take a look at other top notch smartphones. It was officially launched on October 4, and the initial shipment date to clients was October 19. This phone cost $649 or £629 for the 64GB variant, and $749 or £729 for the 128GB variant. In the US, this smartphone is sold on-contract through Verizon just among the bearers, yet requesting it from the Google Store will mean it will work on all systems, including AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. Temporarily, you can get a free Google Home Mini with your new Pixel 2 in case you’re in the US, UK, Australia, Canada or Germany. In any case, expect long hold up times, particularly for the delayed white version.

Google Pixel 2 Australia

About the design, it has incredible size and amiable design. The Google Pixel 2 has an agreeable size and stylish, if you can look past the way that the smartphone won’t wow you with an all-screen front. It has a cutting edge camera, yet the design appears to be dated. It effortlessly fits into one hand on account of its palm-able measurements and light weight. A couple of years prior, this would’ve been viewed as a phablet, yet today, alongside the Samsung Note 8, it’s a typical estimated Android smartphone. You can easily perform out one-hand-operation with its 5-inch screen.

Google Pixel 2 Specifications

Pixel smartphones are currently IP67 waterproof and this applies to the Pixel 2 also (which means they can be submerged in water up to 1m or 3.3ft down for 60 minutes) and hold a glass-and-metal design on the back, yet with less glass toward the top contrasted with their old Pixel product. The unique fingerprints has been been updated and moved – don’t stress, it’s not off center, similar to Samsung’s new telephones – onto the finished aluminum bit of the back, while the camera stays on the glass side and has a defensive ring around it now.You won’t find an earphone jack on this telephone or even USB-C earbuds inside the package box.

Google Assistant on Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2

Pixel 2 just accompanies a basic 3.5mm-to-USB-C connector. Google may have done some advanced AI research and come to a conclusion you likely possess preferable earphones over ones they will offer for free. Sound out of this telephone still sounds awesome when combined with the earphones and we even loved tuning in to music through the double stereo speakers. Squeezing the phone’s sides dispatches the Google Assistant, which as far as we can tell, has proved to be useful. It’s additionally superior to including a committed AI button. The Pixel 2 doesn’t make a special upgrade case for clients of a year ago’s model. The equipment isn’t a radical departure, and a considerable lot of the new programming features will go to the original model — all things considered, Android support for more older gadgets is one of the key inhabitants of Google’s first-party programming approach. The gadget additionally doesn’t push the limits of what a phone is as much as other late flagships.

Pixel Vs Pixel 2 Australia

Rather, it’s a decent upgrade based on a strong establishment that puts forth a fascinating case for the significance of moving past an absolutely spec-based approach with gadgets. It’s true that Google will have a difficult task persuading shoppers to look past the pure numbers, yet there are sufficient increments on-board to portray a convincing and balanced equipment item.

Should I buy the Google Pixel 2 ?

Yes! – The Pixel 2 isn’t precisely future-proofed. Google disclosed to us that it’s looking toward an edge-to-edge display for future models, and hasn’t precluded the likelihood of joining rest of the industry in using numerous cameras. These sorts of hardware features will probably play a major part in the sorts of AI and ML includes the organization is right now actualizing with Assistant and in Android generally. Pixel 2 will pave the future for AI in smartphones with the backing of big G.

google pixel wont charge australia

How to Fix a Google Pixel that won’t Charge – Heres your solution!

Google pixel that won’t charge? Try this! 

Google Pixel is a perfect smartphone package and encompasses all the drool-worthy features. When it comes to Pixel phones’ battery, it usually lasts a day or two like the batteries of other good phones. However, the battery often gets drained faster than it should. In such a case, obviously, you will plug it in to charge. But what if your Google Pixel won’t get charged? Wouldn’t it be the worst possible scenario?

The charging issue in the Pixel Phones is prevailing on Google’s product forums. Pixel owners have recurrently reported this issue and are looking for some possible solution(s) for their problem since their smartphone experience is being affected badly.

This article presents some useful ways of resolving this issue so that you can properly enjoy the perks that come along with this smartphone.

Troubleshooting is required since the battery isn’t removable and just can’t buy a spare to solve the issue. Here’s what you should do:


Check if the firmware crashed


On the off chance that the firmware crashes, your phone gets very unresponsive and froze. In such a case, you are required to force reboot your phone. For 10 seconds, press and hold the power key and your phone should reboot if it has sufficient battery.


Plug the charger and connect your Google Pixel to it


In order to check if the problem got fixed with the forced reboot process or not, just plug in the charger and connect it to your phone. It will either charge normally or won’t respond at all. If you are encountering the latter situation, then you must carry on troubleshooting your Pixel unless it begins to charge again.


Check your Google Pixel Charge Port for issues


There’s a higher probability of issues with your charger or its port. Properly examine the port for lint, corrosion, and debris. After properly checking, plug the phone again to see if the Pixel charges this time. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.


Connect Google Pixel to a computer


Check if the phone charges after you connect it to a computer or the laptop. If yes, then the problem is with your charger since the phone responded when connected to an alternative power source. But if the phone still remains unresponsive, then there might be a problem with your USB cable.


Check the USB cable


Physically check your USB cable for any issues. It could be broken or something might be blocking the connectors. After checking the cable properly, connect your phone to the computer again or try holding it at certain discretion. If at any point, the phone responds the try changing the cable.


Check Google Pixel’s charging port


If after the problem still persists, then check your phone’s charging port and clean it properly.


Get Assistance from Technical Personnel


On the off chance that your problem still persists even after doing all of the above, then get your phone checked by the technical personnel as there could be some manufacturing issue.


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