Google Pixel XL Water Damage Repair

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Has Your Google Pixel XL Taken A Dive? Let’s Bring It Back To Life!

Water damage is one of the most common problems. Every single day your Google Pixel XL is exposed to hundreds of risky situations. From your morning coffee to a sudden storm, liquids are out to get your precious smartphone. So, if a splash or a dive has wreaked havoc on your electronics, then it’s time to repair that damage.

Here’s the first thing you have to do before you click that “Book My Repair” button. DO NOT TURN IT ON! Water particles can cause a short circuit in your smartphone, so it’s better to keep it off until our experienced technicians can have a look at it!

Don’t Worry! Google Pixel Repair Is Here To Bring Your Phone Back From Its Watery Grave!

That’s right! Once we receive your Google Pixel XL, our trained and experienced technicians will immediately open it up and identify the extent of the damage. After that, things are quite simple. They will effectively repair the damage done by the liquid and revive your drowned smartphone. No need to hit that panic button just yet!

What Separates Us From The Rest?

We use ONLY premium original Google Pixel XL parts in order to ensure the high-quality and performance of your smartphone. That’s exactly why we are the only Google Pixel XL repair center that offers a whopping 2-YEAR WARRANTY on our parts.