How to Fix Google Pixel Bluetooth Issues

What to do when your Google Pixel’s Bluetooth is not working?

Google Pixel is one of the best selling devices created by Google. The wide array of features, the beautiful design, and few other things have definitely grabbed the attention of the modern tech fans. Yet, this doesn’t mean that Google Pixel is flawless and every now and then we can read about problems experienced by Google Pixel users.

One of these problems is related to Bluetooth. Namely, some users say that their Bluetooth Connectivity is messed up. Some users claim that their Bluetooth connection is going down when they are getting calls, while others say that these problems happen at random. In addition, there are users who say that they can’t connect Google Pixel to other devices that support Bluetooth connections.

There are some people who believe that Bluetooth connectivity is not very important, but the fact is that you can use Bluetooth in many different situations. In order to fix this issue, we will provide a few suggestions.

Google Pixel Repairs

You should start with the obvious. We can all agree that in many cases, the most obvious solution is the most efficient one too. So, restart your Google Pixel right away. In order to do this, you should push and hold the Power button for about ten seconds. When you notice the vibration, this means that your phone is turned off. You will notice the same vibration when you turn it on. Wait until the software is up and check whether the problem is still present or not. As we said before, most people find this solution useful.

Clear Google Pixel’s cache

In case the previous solution doesn’t work, you should continue with this suggestion. Go to the Bluetooth application’s cache and clear it. For those who didn’t know, the cache keeps temporary data in order to support the device’s operation. This is very useful, but when Google Pixel (just like other similar devices) is holding a large amount of data, this can lead to different issues. Even Google has confirmed that clearing the cache from time to time is good for the overall performance of their device. We will now show you how to clear the cache easily.

Start by visiting the home screen and launching the app icon. Go straight to Settings. Open the App manager and swipe to locate the All option. Once you notice the Bluetooth app, click the clear cache option and clear Bluetooth option. Remember to press OK to proceed. The final step is to restart Google Pixel and check whether this solution works.

Check the Google Pixel manual

There is always a possibility that you are not doing things like you are supposed to. We are not talking only about Google Pixel, but also about the device that you are trying to connect to via Bluetooth. So, take some time and read the guidelines and the manual. Maybe you are doing something wrong. Simply visit Setting and Bluetooth and analyze the options. Make sure that everything is set according to the manual. You can also clear and delete the pairings made before and start over again.

Factory reset your Google Pixel 

Of course, the last option that you can use is to perform a Factory reset. This fix will delete all the stored information and data on your Google Pixel. This means that it might be a good idea to back up your data.

What if all these options are not working?

Don’t panic. There is a solution for a situation like this too. You can always use a professional service provider like Google Pixel Repairs and eliminate your Google Pixel Bluetooth problem. We offer Australians a nation-wide Mail-in Repair service. Pixel Repairs take 3-4 day from door to repair shop and back. Google Pixel Repairs also has drop-in centres in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.



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