3 Google Pixel Camera Problems and How to Fix them

Google Pixel Camera Problems

With no exceptions, Google Pixel is the sanest smartphone investment we made this year. Google never fails to amaze us, and Google Pixel is yet another apt portrayal of that. Its stellar performance needs no validation. The smartphone encompasses the top-notch features and comes with an exceptionally alluring camera. It will not be wrong to say that the Google Pixel smartphones feature the best cameras ever to be installed on a smartphone. Regardless of this fact, people tend to face certain camera issues. There must be numerous factors that engender these issues, but the good news is that these issues can be resolved. However, people all around the world cherish the mind-blowing functions of Google Pixel camera since they have earned the highest scores globally.

Although the makers did efficiently well to make your camera experience one of a kind, this article presents some of the common camera errors encountered by Pixel owners and their potential solutions.

  • Purple lines across the camera viewfinder

The Pixel has had a couple of camera issues, one of which included a radiance or focal point flare impact showing up when utilizing the viewfinder. Although Google has released a software update for that specific issue, there are currently reports of further camera troubles.

Pixel owners on the Google product forums are talking about “pink/purple vertical lines” showing up on-screen when utilizing the camera viewfinder.

It may be concerned with not have a strong data connection, but we are still skeptical about it.

Regardless of what the actual problem is, switching to some alternative camera app other than the Google’s official one will solve the problem, as suggested by a forum post. Any official fix isn’t available yet since Google has yet to respond properly to the latest reports.

So what you can do is, open the Play Store and download a third-party camera app in case you are encountering the “purple line” issue.

  • Google Pixel Lens Flare

  • Lens flare is another common issue in cameras. This is when a lens flare appears in the camera image. However, this is a common issue in most high-quality camera. Thus, the top-notch camera comes along with a hood and additional settings to get rid of the light in order to eliminate the flare in the image. But you just can’t always use this tactic with your phone.  Some people might use it for artistic reasons, but it is becoming more of a trouble in pixel cameras.Google claims it’s not any sort of a hassle because it happens seldom in many cases. Only 2 out of 300 photos may encounter this problem.
  • Google Pixel Camera keeps stopping

  • Restarting your phone may just solve this problem, but if the problem still persists, try the following.For this particular issue, there are two possible solutions.Clean the Camera Lens Clean the lens and laser of your camera and which can be seen at the back of your phone. Try cleaning them with a soft piece of cloth. There could be either dirt or fingerprints on them that may be causing the blurry effect.Adjust Camera SettingsAnother possible way to get rid of the problem is by adjusting auto/manual focus settings and enabling the HDR+ mode.

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