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Google Pixel Keeps Rebooting it self?

What to do when Google Pixel reboots itself over and over again?

Google Pixel is a premium smartphone designed and made by Google. As a premium smartphone, it is made from high-quality materials, it has excellent software and many useful features. But, all these things don’t mean that this device is free of problems.

Even though it doesn’t happen quite often, there are reports of Google Pixel rebooting itself over and over again. It looks like there are a few different reasons why people are witnessing problems like this with their Google Pixel devices. This is the reason why there is more than one solution. In this article, we will present a few solutions that should work.

Charge the Google Pixel 

First and foremost, you can witness continuing spontaneous reboots due to a failing battery. Even if you keep your phone in the best shape, the battery will start deteriorating after a while. A mechanical damage can make it work improperly even just a few days after you’ve bought the device. In cases like this, Google Pixel will probably power up, but it will start rebooting very often.

The suggestion we have will not solve the problem, but it will help you determine the cause. So, when you plug the device, you will make sure that it has a stable source of power. If everything is fine and Google Pixel is not rebooting while it’s charged, then it is very likely that you should replace the battery.

Reboot Google Pixel in Safe mode

In case the previous method doesn’t work, the next thing that you should do is to boot it in a Safe mode. When the Safe mode is on, all the 3rd party applications are not available. This means that if some of these apps are leading to this problem, you will find out quickly. Push and hold the Power button and wait for the Google logo on the screen. When you finally notice it, you should release the Power button and push and hold the Volume button down. Finally, keep holding the button until you see the Safe mode tab on the screen. It usually takes about half a minute to complete this action.

In case your Google Pixel is running fine, then you should uninstall the apps that are making trouble. Start by deleting them one by one. If you want to speed up the process, you can use factory reset.

Opt for master reset

In case all the 3rd party apps are deleted, but your Google Pixel is still rebooting at random, then you should choose Master Reset. With the help of this feature, you will delete all the apps, files, photos, videos, data and other content. In other words, you will get a brand new Google Pixel in the end, just like when you got it from the store for the first time.

If you want to use master reset, you should turn off the device first. After that, you should push and hold the Volume button down and push the Power button at the same time. The phone will turn on and you will notice the word Start. Next, push the Volume button down and you will see the Recovery mode tab. With the help of the Power button, activate the recovery mode. You should be able to see the Android logo. Push and hold the Power button again and push the Volume button up once. After that, release the Power button. You should be able to see Wipe data/factory reset tab. Use the Volume button down to highlight Yes and press the Power button.

In case the problem is still present, contact Google Pixel Repairs because we are sure that we can help you.



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