How to Fix and Repair Your Google Pixel Touch Screen

Fix & Repair Your Google Pixel Touch Screen Problems

Google has created a device with a truly stunning touch screen, a curved display that is best in class. With any ground breaking new design there will be teething problems. In forums we found some people have complained about issues related to the Google Pixel 2 touch screen. There are reports of intermittent touch functionality in the lower part of the screen. I this happens to your Google Pixel in Australia – please don’t panic. We’ve put togethor some tips you can try from the comfort of your home.

There a few reasons why your Google Pixel Touch screen could be playing up. The most common cause of intermittently unresponsive touch screens is software. Google will release patches if they detect an issue with a particular software release / module. If you’re having touch screen problems with your Google Pixel 2 now and don’t want to wait then follow the bellow steps down download the latest software patch now.

Power Your Google Pixel Off 

This will be the easiest way to fix your unresponsive Google Pixel touch screen. Power down your google pixel buy holding the power button. If you can’t swipe to power off then you will need to hold the power button for 20 seconds well the device powers down. Then restart your device as you normally would. If the issue persists try the bellow.

Remove Your Google Pixel Sim Card and Check it’s installed Correctly 

It’s not something you would normally consider when trying to fix a touch screen but trust us we’ve heard of many instances of when removing the sim card on the Google Pixel works. Power your device down, Find a sim card removal tool and insert it into the sim-card tray hole, slide the card out and in. Cross your fingers and power your Google Pixel back 0n.

Open and Clear Cache on your Google Pixel

Clearing your Google Pixel Cache is one of the useful tips in order to optimize your phones full functionality back. Not only can this fix your Google Pixel touch screen issue, it can also fix bugs related to camera, phone and connectivity issues that you might be intermittently facing. Google Support writes extensively about this.

Power your device down -> Push and Hold Volume Up, Home and Power Button simultaneously. Once completing the you should see the famous Android logo followed by a vibration your Pixel. Continue to hold the volume up button home button, then push the volume down button and choose “Wipe Cache Partition”. Push the power button and select “Yes”. Push power agin and select to reboot the system. The device will then power back on. You can go ahead and test the phone to see if there have been any improvements to the operating functionality.

Last But Not Least – Hard Reset your Google Pixel 

All and any software related problems on the google Pixel can be fixed and repaired with the help of a hard reset. If you go ahead with a Google Pixel software reset you will in essence wipe you entire phone to factory settings. This means you’ll get a clean operating system or “OS” as repair geeks like to call it.
In doing this you will also loose all of your data so make sure you either back your Pixel up to Google Drive or your computer.

To do this start by turning your device off, push and hold the power, volume up buttons. The android logo will pop up on-screen. Go to “Recovery Mode” and select your cursor on “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” then actuate it with the volume button. Google will give you a second chance here asking “Yes” to wipe all data. Upon choosing “Yes” all of your data will be deleted and your system will download and install a new operating system. You’ll want to allow 30 minute to 1 hour for this process to complete.
If this last resort’ dosn’t fix your Google Pixel Touch screen, get in touch with the team at Pixel Repairs today. We’re friendly and passionate about repairing all things Pixel.

Other Fix Solutions to Repair your Google Pixel Touch Screen

The fixes we’ve highlighted in this article are mostly focused on software problems that lead to touch screen unresponsiveness in Google Pixel. However, there are some firmware or hardware problems too that can generate such issues. By leaving your Google Pixel to a professional service provider like Google Pixel Repairs you should be able to determine the cause of the problem and fix your phone.

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