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How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Wifi Not Connecting

How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Wi-Fi Problems?

There are two basic ways to connect to the Internet with the help of your Google Pixel – mobile data and Wi-Fi (wireless). Most people use their wireless connection. This is quite natural because they usually have access to better Internet packages compared to their mobile Internet plans.

But, there are situations when Google Pixel users experience Wi-Fi problems. By Wi-Fi problems, we mean poor connection or no connection at all. Even though Google Pixel has some great innovative features, most of them are useless without a proper Internet connection.

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing Wi-Fi issues on your Google Pixel. That’s why we will present a few solutions.

Restart your Google Pixel

This is a general advice that can work not only with Wi-Fi issues but with many other issues associated with this smartphone and other similar devices too. Just press and hold the Power button. After that, select the Power off the tab. When the device is off, wait for a few seconds and press both the Volume Down and Power button at the same time. You should notice the Android logo. Check whether this activity has solved your problem.

Check the obvious

Sometimes there are some obvious things that we forget about. So, go to Setting and choose Wi-Fi. Check whether the Wi-Fi is turned on. In addition, you should also check whether the Airplane mode is on and off. Obviously, it should be off. In case it’s off, it might be a good idea to turn it on and off after that.

Refresh the network

In some situations, there are software problems caused by the memorized Wi-Fi network. Just to be sure that this is not the issue here, you should remove the network you are using. Go to Settings and choose Wi-Fi. After that, choose the network, click Forget and the network will be removed. Next, add the same network, type the password and see whether this will help or not.

Resetting and restarting Google Pixel 2 

First of all, you should check the network settings. Go to Settings, select More (Under Wireless and Networks), choose Network settings to reset and reset settings. If this doesn’t work, the problem may be related to your modem or router. Restart them and check the results.

Stop your Google Pixel Application 

There is a chance that some of the apps you’ve installed on your Google Pixel is causing this Wi-Fi issue. If you want to determine whether some of the apps are responsible for the Wi-Fi problems, you should switch to Safe mode. You can activate the Safe mode by pushing and holding the Power button. After a couple of seconds, you will notice a box, press Power off and hold it. Reboot to safe mode notification will appear on the screen. Select OK and you will restart the device in safe mode. Now try to connect to the wireless network. In case you can connect and the signal is good, restart the phone to enter the normal mode. Next, remove the apps you’ve installed in the recent period. Check whether the Wi-Fi is working after every removal. Remember the apps you’ve removed and re-install them later.

Google Pixel Wifi Problems Australia

As you can see the list of problems with Google Pixel Wi-Fi is long, but luckily they are not happening very frequently. If the solutions we’ve provided in this article are not working, maybe there is something wrong with the hardware. In case you want to remove a hardware problem or a software problem that we have not listed, you should contact a professional Google Pixel repair service provider like Google Pixel Repairs.


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