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Google Pixel Bluetooth Not Working – How to Fix

Google Pixel Bluetooth Connection Issues

Google Pixel and Pixel XL, in spite of being one of the coolest creations by Google, continue to cause its users major trouble with Wi-Fi, battery, random reboots, Bluetooth issues, so on and so forth. Google Pixel Bluetooth not working – Let’s fix this together..

Even after the Update to Android 8.0 Oreo which solved most of the bugs, and the Pixel owners are massively satisfied with the world-class experience. From an amazing camera, brilliant battery life to a beautiful display screen. Some problems still remain a pain for the users. One of the most commonly faced glitches experienced by Pixel users all around the world is the Bluetooth connectivity issue. Here are some tips and workarounds on how you can fix it by yourself without having to take it to an expert and ending up paying them more than what’s due, for it.

Now that almost every other device/gadget even vehicles have Bluetooth devised into them, most of them face related bugs all year round. Albeit, the new update solved some major issues and ensured a much smoother user experience. But lately, we have been seeing plenty of Pixel and Nexus Bluetooth issues. Apparently, even after beta testing for the better part of a year, Bluetooth still isn’t right.

Google Pixel Bluetooth Not Working -Check for Basics

  •       Turn your Bluetooth off and then on again
  •       Make sure you’re paired and connected with the other device
  •       Try again after restarting your phone

Most Commonly faced issue is when your Pixel won’t connect with the car’s Bluetooth. In that case, try the following steps

Disconnect and Reconnect the devices

If the classic turning-off-and-back-on doesn’t solve your connectivity troubles. Forget the car’s Bluetooth from your phone and vice versa from your car. Pair the devices again. Make sure the device’s visibility is on, while you’re at it.

Install the latest update

Make sure to update your software as soon as it’s out. More often than not, it has the solution to most of your Phone’s woes. Because, the Pixel was launched with a buggy Bluetooth stack. Google has since launched multiple updates with fixes to these issues. So, if your handset is not running on the latest update, install it right away as there is a good chance it will not only alleviate your Bluetooth issues but improve your allover Pixel experience.

Factory Reset

At last, the painful option we all want to avoid because of the whole backup train that comes with it. But if nothing else works, this is your best chance at solving the problem. Sometimes, there are different settings that alter your handset’s entire experience and hinder Bluetooth connectivity. Attempting to get to the bottom of it is redundant and likely to take up hours of your time without assurance that you will get to the bottom of it. In such cases, factory reset your Pixel and make your problems disappear in a poof.

There is no assurance that these solutions will eradicate your Bluetooth issues for good. If your Pixel has been showing connectivity issues with a certain device since the beginning, your only hope is to sit back and patiently wait for an update from Google which might offer a remedy to these bugs. If in doubt get in contact with our Australia wide Google Pixel Repairs Team

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