So You Need a Google Pixel Microphone Repair ?

Google Pixel Microphone Problem? Heres some tips on how to fix and replace your Google Pixel Microphone

Google Pixel is the most popular mobile device created by Google. Those who have used it know why – this smartphone is powerful, fast, has a good camera and tons of interesting features. However, this is still just an electronic device which means that it is not perfect. Every now and then, users can experience different problems. For instance, many of them have faced problems with their microphone.

In most cases, they say that the mic has stopped working all of a sudden without any warning signs. There are cases when the microphone stops working just a few days after they bought the phone, while in others the microphone was working fine for months. There are many reasons why the microphone can become problematic, but one thing is for sure – your Google Pixel is useless when the mic is not working properly. If you have a mic problem on Google Pixel keep reading this article because we will suggest a few solutions.

Check your Google Pixel speakerphone settings

There is one extremely simple solution for this issue. Namely, you can call your voicemail and during this call, you should turn the speakerphone on and off and then on again. In many cases, the microphone will start working again after this simple procedure.

While we are talking about speakerphone settings, we will suggest another solution. You can turn any application that includes the use of the mic (like some popular chat/messenger app), get back to your home screen and return to the app again. In case these suggestions don’t provide any results, you should not worry because we have a few other options for you.

Google Pixel factory reset

This is another option that users can try for a wide range of Google Pixel problems. Using the factory reset option is easy and smooth and it will take just a few minutes to check whether it works or not. With the help of factory reset, you will transform your Google Pixel into a brand new phone because every info or data created by you on the phone will be deleted. If you have some important information on your phone, you can always conduct back up. Now let’s see how the factory reset process works.

First of all, go to Settings and find the Personal tab. Tap the backup & Reset field and click Factory Data Reset. After that, tap Reset phone. You will have to enter a password, PIN or pattern to activate this option. Next, choose Erase Everything. When the process is finished, simply click the Reboot option. If you have stored some of the data, you can restore it. Our advice is to get rid of the data or transfer it to another device.

Google Pixel Microphone Repair – Melbourne | Sydney | Brisbane 

Google has confirmed that users that have problems with their Google Pixel mics, can ask for a replacement. But, this offer is valid only for users that have used Pixel for just a few days before this problem happened. You can always contact Google Support and see whether you can get a replacement phone.

Other Google Pixel Microphone Repair  solutions

As we already said, Google Pixel microphone problems can happen for many different reasons. Sometimes, it is difficult for an average user to determine the cause of the problem. This is where professional Google Pixel repair services come into the picture.

Goole Pixel Repairs is a good example of a service provider like this, We operate in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne and we have already helped many users solve this common issue. In addition, we provide repairs for many other problems related to any Google Pixel model


  • Daniel Gherman says:

    My mic works when I record a video or messager chat or voice commands but when I make a phone call people I call can’t hear me unless I plug my wired head phones in what could couse it. Thank you . Sincerely Daniel Gherman. Waiting for a response .

    • admin says:

      Hi there, Thanks for getting in touch. With the Google Pixel issue I think you would be best to go through the manufacturer.
      Kind regards
      Pixel Repairs Support

  • Jake says:

    Voicemail trick did the work! Ended up working right away, very happy one little trick saved me from sending the phone in!

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