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Google Pixel Overheating Australia – How to Fix

Google Pixel Overheating When Charging 

Ever since Google launched the Pixel and Pixel XL, there have been, amongst several others, numerous cases of people complaining about the device unusually warming up or getting overheated. In some extreme cases, the phone would shut itself off and will not turn back on unless charged for 10 minutes. in some instances, phone overheats after hours of usage. in others, it happens for no known reason. The problem has proven to be a lot more than a minor nuisance and Google has not been very helpful in regards to offering a solution. Here are a few troubleshooting methods to help you fix that

Restart your Google Pixel

Similar to that of most glitches, your first go-to option is to restart your handset. As simple and quick as it may sound, more often than not, it makes the problem go away for various reasons. In this particular case, however, if you have been using it for 150-200 hours without restarting it, there are probable chances it’s the cause of your device’s overheating because of the over processing. Once restarted, the unnecessary running processes will stop.

Adjust Pixel Brightness

Basic Science. Light energy transforms into heat. It also eats up a giant chunk off your battery life. Reduce the brightness to lower frequency or preferably, put it on power-saver mode. It will, not only prevent your phone from overheating, but also make your handset’s battery last longer.

Check your Pixel’s Settings

More often than not, it is a third-party app running in the background causing your phone to overwork itself and warm up. Go to Settings > Battery to check which apps are using up how much battery. If it is, in fact, a third-party app, go to Application Manager and click on “Force Stop”.

Boot your Google Pixel on Safe-Mode


Provided you cannot get to the root of the problem through the above stated methods. Booting your phone of safety mode will not only block the extra usage of your phone but also let you know if it is a Google application or a third-party app causing the problem.

How to Boot on Safe-Mode:

  • Press the Power button until a list of options appears on your screen.
  • Tap and hold the power off option after which reboot to safe-mode option will appear.
  • As you Tap OK, your device will restart into Safe-Mode.

If the device’s overheating issues are solved after this, then you will know that it was some third-party at fault here. Which you should probably uninstall to prevent future power overconsumption. If not, then it has to be some preexisting Google app causing the overheating.

Quit using Pixel while Charging


Your phone, while charging has external energy ported to it which causes it to heat up a little. Usage of phone while it is charging not only caused unwanted overheating but disrupts your phone’s battery life.

Reduce using Wi-Fi hotspot/Tethering

It is one of the most common known causes for overheating and battery drainage because your device is over processing. Continuous usage of your Pixel as Wi-Fi hotspot will greatly affect your phone’s overall battery life too.


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