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How to Fix a Google Pixel that won’t Charge – Heres your solution!

Google pixel that won’t charge? Try this! 

Google Pixel is a perfect smartphone package and encompasses all the drool-worthy features. When it comes to Pixel phones’ battery, it usually lasts a day or two like the batteries of other good phones. However, the battery often gets drained faster than it should. In such a case, obviously, you will plug it in to charge. But what if your Google Pixel won’t get charged? Wouldn’t it be the worst possible scenario?

The charging issue in the Pixel Phones is prevailing on Google’s product forums. Pixel owners have recurrently reported this issue and are looking for some possible solution(s) for their problem since their smartphone experience is being affected badly.

This article presents some useful ways of resolving this issue so that you can properly enjoy the perks that come along with this smartphone.

Troubleshooting is required since the battery isn’t removable and just can’t buy a spare to solve the issue. Here’s what you should do:


Check if the firmware crashed


On the off chance that the firmware crashes, your phone gets very unresponsive and froze. In such a case, you are required to force reboot your phone. For 10 seconds, press and hold the power key and your phone should reboot if it has sufficient battery.


Plug the charger and connect your Google Pixel to it


In order to check if the problem got fixed with the forced reboot process or not, just plug in the charger and connect it to your phone. It will either charge normally or won’t respond at all. If you are encountering the latter situation, then you must carry on troubleshooting your Pixel unless it begins to charge again.


Check your Google Pixel Charge Port for issues


There’s a higher probability of issues with your charger or its port. Properly examine the port for lint, corrosion, and debris. After properly checking, plug the phone again to see if the Pixel charges this time. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.


Connect Google Pixel to a computer


Check if the phone charges after you connect it to a computer or the laptop. If yes, then the problem is with your charger since the phone responded when connected to an alternative power source. But if the phone still remains unresponsive, then there might be a problem with your USB cable.


Check the USB cable


Physically check your USB cable for any issues. It could be broken or something might be blocking the connectors. After checking the cable properly, connect your phone to the computer again or try holding it at certain discretion. If at any point, the phone responds the try changing the cable.


Check Google Pixel’s charging port


If after the problem still persists, then check your phone’s charging port and clean it properly.


Get Assistance from Technical Personnel


On the off chance that your problem still persists even after doing all of the above, then get your phone checked by the technical personnel as there could be some manufacturing issue.


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